Our Team

viajes al extranjero en inglés

Cuca Buceta

Founder and responsible for new projects.
Married and mother of 5 children. She has a degree in Political Science from the Complutense University and Certificate of the International Program in Sciences Politiques. Paris. She cap and Master in Educational Accompaniment by the UFV.

I have lived outside of Spain for several years. In Paris and Greystones (Ireland)
IEC Spain was born by experimenting, with a mother’s vision, how children who spend a school year in Ireland live.

I believe that the people who organize stays outside of Spain have an important responsibility.
Experiences of this type can forever mark the personality of children and adolescents.

At IEC Spain we are very aware because we have had both the experience of living in another country as teenagers and sending our children to live abroad.

We believe in accompanying people on this path and that is our point of differentiation. Social responsibility and support.

Sara Jimenez

Head of programs in schools.
She is from La Rioja and has lived in Madrid for 20 years, has a degree in marketing and mother of 2 children.
After more than 10 years dedicated to marketing, I decided to turn my life around to start new projects and spend more time with my family.
Because of my way of being, I like to help others and worry about people.
Accompanying young students when they undertake the adventure of studying abroad is a very rewarding experience.

Teresa Egea

Coordinator programs in Ireland.
Canarian resident in Ireland for the last 25 years.
She is married with 2 daughters.
She graduated in Tourism (LSB College Ireland).
Infant teacher + SNA (teacher assistant for children with special needs)
I currently combine my work as an infant + SNA teacher with teaching and coordinating the programs that IEC SPAIN has in Ireland.
I love my job and my goal is that “my Spanish children” have a wonderful experience in Ireland.

Nicolás Vicéns

Student Mentor and Head of the Mentoring team.
Third year Economics student at Cunef University.
He has spent 2 years in Ireland as well as stays in the US, England and recently in Africa doing volunteer work.

He accompanied the students so that they can find meaning in their stays and be able to get the most out of it, as well as being able to overcome the difficulties that may be encountered during that time.

Together with Nicolás we have a group of young university students who help us accompany our students.

USA, Canada and France

For our programs in the US, Canada and France, we work with partners who share our same values and with whom we have close professional and personal relationships.
We personally know all the locations we recommend (with the exception of those in the j1 usa program) because we are very demanding and responsible for our work.