iec spain

Personalized stays abroad with accompanying parents and children.

We are socially responsible with our work, not everything goes. We accompany you before, during and after your stay. We are there 24/7.
Each student is unique and we work as such.

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viajes al extranjero en inglés


Very personal experiences

At IEC SPAIN we are dedicated to building tailor-made experiences based on the premise that each child is UNIQUE and therefore must have a positive experience with a cared for and supervised stay.

We have educational support protocols for both parents and students. We want to get the best out of each child when carrying out our programs

Above all, we are socially responsible and we understand that these experiences mark a lifetime and we want to contribute to it.

We are at your disposal to carry out a tailor-made study and start a journey that will change your future.

our destinations

Always by your side.

estudios en estados unidos


School year in the United States in public and private schools.

estudios en irlanda


Boarding schools in Dublin and Belfast; family stays.

estudiar en canada


An ideal country to spend the school year. Both rural and more urban stays, you choose.

estudiar en francia


Stays from 2 weeks to the full school year attending public or private schools.

campamento verano estados unidos irlanda canada francia

Amazing Summer

United States, Ireland, Canada and France. Boarding schools and camps.