School year in the United States from the age of 14.

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School year

A school year in the United States is an experience that will mark the rest of your life.

You will improve your level of English in one of the most welcoming and incredible countries in the world.

You will experience and truly live a culture that we think we know but that will bring you many surprises. Meanwhile, they will participate in a thousand sports, and they spend their days in a high school surrounded by the famous American ticket offices.

Total monitoring

Monitoring and accompaniment

IEC SPAIN offers full follow-up and support during the stay during the school year in the United States:
You will have at your disposal a local coordinator in the area who will help you with everything you need. And in Spain you will have a mentor assigned to whom you will have access whenever you need it and who will also provide you with scheduled accompaniment throughout your stay.
As in all our programs, both parents and students will have prior preparation. The USA may seem very close, but their culture and way of life is very different from ours and we believe that a good previous preparation is important for both parents and children.

Parents will also have an accompaniment service because they are also an important part of our programs.
A father who accompanies his son well is guaranteed success of the program.

Studying English in the US involves a long process of paperwork and validation in which we take care of EVERYTHING, both in the US and in Spain. We will also train students so they know which subjects to select and we will be in contact with them to make sure they choose correctly.

Choose your dream

Our options

The school courses are developed in public and private schools. You can choose between living in a residence or with a host family. Your destination may be in cities and towns across the United States.



If you want to study English in the US:

You can study from 3rd ESO to 2nd Bach in public and private schools. (It will depend on the visa you have, you can choose some options or others).

  • Good Academic Record
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Maturity
  • Motivation
  • Adaptability

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